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About Us


Hydraper Finance is a revolutionary Web3.0 DeFi protocol which aims to simplify DeFi for the masses and make blockchain more accessible and easier to use in the long-term. A super app for Crypto users is coming.

Here you can find all of the ways to acquire Hydraper on Binance Smart Chain through a number of trusted sources and providers. Users have the option to use bridges, stake, and more! No matter if you’re new to crypto or have never used Binance Smart Chain, Hydraper Finance makes it easy for anyone to get their hands on, so they can start interacting on-chain, and start using app in the Hydraper ecosystem.


We achieve this via a unified product ecosystem built on top of Binance Smart Chain, including but not limited to:

- Dex app* Buy, trade, and track your favorite crypto on any mobile device with The Crypto App powered by Hydraper Wallet

- Staking* Stake Hydraper to earn rewards, and transact with confidence using our Dapp services.

- Hyper Starter* A Revolutionary Web 3.0 Starter IDO & IGO in Next Generation Starter Ecosystem.

- Hyper DAO* Is a decentralized autonomous organization, a type of bottom-up entity structure with no central authority. Members of a Hyper DAO own tokens of the Hyper DAO, and members can vote on initiatives for the entity.


From essential world-class applications to unique dev-crafted offerings, DeFi to DAOs to Gaming, an expansive world of blockchain experiences await. It’s never been easier to get started in the Hydraper ecosystem. You can bridge, exchange, staking, all from one place.


The rise of DeFi (decentralized finance) in recent years has opened the door for more sophisticated open-finance systems and tools that don’t rely on banks and other legacy systems. We planned to evolve Hydraper Finance into a complete Open Stack Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Growing ecosystem designed to support stable person-to-person transactions, micro transactions, conference currencies, community currencies, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, games and more. We use economic mechanisms to create cohesion between members and organizations, to create a strong development community, where contributions are always appreciated and respected.


Experience the benefits of fast block times and low, stable transactions in a secure, eco-friendly blockchain environment. Push applications to their full potential without worry, pressure, or timing transactions. Thus all Hydraper Ecosystem holders are incentivized to support the Hydraper Token Network, contributing to reach the necessary economic security threshold, and earning rewards while delegating or running a validator node.


Hydraper DEX will be an automated market maker (AMM DEX) decentralized swap on the BNBChain network. It will allow users to swap their tokens – even small amounts – without needing to engage with order books. Prospective traders can make their trades at the best rates with low fees, via a simple and intuitive front-end interface. Buy, trade, and track your favorite crypto on any mobile device with The Crypto App powered by Hydraper Wallet


Our community includes founders, investors, advisors with many years of experience in the blockchain field. We are developing and creating a launchpad to help support and advise new projects that can be successful, based on what we have and the features available in the ecosystem.


Phase 1

  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Community Building
  • Partnerships
  • Contract Development
  • Contract Audit
  • Apply On CMC
  • Public Airdrop

Phase 2

  • IDO Launch
  • Listing On Pancakeswap
  • Listing On Lbank
  • Gate.io
  • AMA With Gate.io & Lbank
  • Hydraper Dapps Launch
  • Hydraper Dapps Promotion
  • Add Multi Network
  • Listing On MXCE & Bittrex
  • Launch Our NFT Mart

Phase 3

  • Website Update
  • Whitepaper Vol.2 Update
  • Launch Virtual Bank Cards
  • Dao Release


Buy/sell taxes: 3%

The Team

Oliver Anderson

Co-Founder & CEO

Is the founder of Hydraper. Oliver is an accomplished technologist and investor who specializes on early-stage blockchain firms. He has led blockchain research, assisting blockchain firms in building better products, and has made significant contributions to Web3, Plasma, and Wallet-Connect.

Thomas Dang

Founder & CMO

As CMO of Hydraper, I have spearheaded the industry's drive into marketing, rebranding most famous entertainment facility to Crypto Arena and hiring world-class brand ambassadors

George Nield


Geogre Nield has developed a blockchain investment platform involving the creation of several modules, including financial modeling and risk assessment. He has worked with ReactJS, React Native, Figma and Blockchain. George is responsible for managing, architecting, software development, testing for blockchain projects..

Bradley Jordan Garmston


He has many years in the business of developing and improving marketing plans specifically for products such as: Blockchain/Gamefi/Defi or Crypto Bradley conduct marketing research and analysis to come up with relevant marketing information and assess trends. He has evaluated more than 30 Blockchain platforms and made recommendations.


Any questions?

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3 Where is the team located?

4 When is the launch?

5 Is my money safe with you?

6 How do we purchase the token?